My favourite rings

If I’m not working, at SES or doing something that involves getting my hands dirty then you’ll see that I always have 5 rings on. 

Each with a special meaning to me. I’ve gotten  one for a present then the rest I brought for myself. 

This is my buda brought from Mid Summer Star.

I brought this to remind myself to be centred. Remain calm. Energetic. And be myself.


This is one that I just liked the look of. The purple crystals in the ring make me love it even more and it has leaves around it. Just one that adds a bit of colour to my hand but I am so in love with it!!! 


This ring my sister got from me after her trip to bail with mum a few years back. It was a surprise because at the time I still had a lot of swelling from having the twins, my hands where huge! So I never thought it would fit but wouldn’t you know it did! A little tight but wearable. Now I wear it everywhere as it reminds me of her. 

I brought this one to remind my self of love. To always choose love over my ego and fins love in every situation! It’s slim and perfect to go with my buda. This was also brought from Mid Summer Start

This gorgeous ring is by The fifth element life

I had been eyes this ring off for ages and then one day towards the start of this year it was on sale so I brought it! It stands for instinct. I can’t take this one off otherwise I just feel unbalanced. Weird I know but just how it makes me feel. 

So there you have it, my favourite rings. 

Be sure to check out the website from the 3 rings as there is so much amazing stuff on their websites!! I could go insane on them! 


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