Mummy Time/Moment

Mummy time is what I tell the twins when I’ve had enough for the day, I can feel my body running low on energy and getting frustrated at things that are so simple.

Normally this is far and in between. But over the past few weeks it’s happening a lot more. Why?  Simple. I’m working a lot more then I normally would. And yes I only work casually but I work from 7-11pm possible 12am. This means my sleep is lost. I am completely lost when I don’t get enoug sleep! I can’t just come home from work jump into bed and switch off! I’m one of those people that needs to unwind. Read a book, watch tv maybe meditation. All these things take time so by the time I relax to turning the lights of and closing my eyes it might be 1am if not later.

So the next day most likely mummy time is needed!

I might take the time to meditate if I’m not feeling grounded, read a book, do a workout, yoga. Anything that will just make me take a step back and find myself again.

I am a big one for telling the twins that respect goes both ways and if I’m frustrated, I don’t have the ability to stay calm and listen, so if James wants to yell at me, ill always try not to yell back but sometimes that won’t work and I do yell but then I come back later have a talk with him. I’ll say did you like yelling at me and having me yell back at him. Normally his answer would be no so then we talk about both of us just needing to have our time and breath. Now he may be four but I think he really gets it! I’ll say you need to go sit in your bed and just chill out and he does! And guess what he comes out happier!

Izzy on the other hand can’t handle being yelled at. As soon as you raise your voice there comes the water works! She responds  much better to getting down to her level and trying to talk it out. This might not always work and when I’m feeling frustrated I can sometimes just yell causing her to get a bit upset or ignore me and then I’ll say I need a mummy moment, I’ll go away into a space that’s only me, take a few deep breaths and go approach her again and talk.

While some people might think this is bad for me to be doing, sometimes when I’m not feeling grounded and maybe one the twins isn’t,for all out sakes a mummy moment might just me needed!

Everyone needs their time. And with twins around I might need it more sometimes. But that’s part of life. The twins understand this and I’ll explain it to them in a way that is easy to understand. I’ve even had James turn around and say he needs chill out time so no one go into his room! I think it’s fantastic if I can teach my children it ok to take time for yourself at such a younge age!

Having a mummy moment or mummy time isn’t for long. Might just be a couple of minutes or  if I’m working out it might be 30. I don’t go lock my self away, I’ll just go sit down or go outside or ask the twins to join in and have a bit of chill out time. And guess what they love it! Especially if I’m working out! So many times they have just come and joined in and found it incredibly fun.

All in all it works for us and myself and the twins get something out of it. We are all happier!!!


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