Mothers day weekend

Happy Mothers Day. Im going to start this post with saying thank you to my mother for all she has done for me and the twins. She has been my rock. We might fight and disagree but I know she is always there for me if I need her. My mum has giving me more then I could ask for and she also had to put up with a lot from me. So thank you mum for being a wonderful mum to my sister and me. And a fantastic grandma to James and Izzy.

This mothers day I was spoiled by gifts 🙂

I loved them all! The chocolates where by fair the best (they are my favourite ) but the box was so full of goodies and some amazing stuff. All natural and healthy products.

Then at 8:45 we got into the car and head off to have high tea at a place called Marybrooke manor.


OMG I’m so in love with this place. It has gorgeous views and gardens and even tho it was raining it was still amazing!!

High tea was also fantastic. It was packed it with people and the food was great. I even had all different food I never normally would have!We got coffee and some amazing tea selections. The twins where lucky enough to have their own plate of food that was just fantastic and I could of eaten it all. I mean a frog in jelly is just yummy. They also got to have hot chocolate plus they had some tea.

After high tea we had a walk around the gardens, in the rain. My grandma, sister and her partner had also joined us for high tea and it was great to catch up.

This twins were just gorgeous walking around under the umbrella together. James was being a real gentleman. It was amazing to see how much they have grown up and how they look after one another.

I just still can’t get over the garden! They hold a lot of weddings at the manor so it perfectly set out.



We then headed to a local park and got to hand fee wild birds! The twins where a bit scared but  it was so funny to watch them land on everyone.






I had the absolute best day although Kev wasn’t there so I was kinda missing him. But it was great to hang out with the family and to see some new places . Hope your Mother’s Day was just as good.

Love maddie


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