Our Melbourne Zoo trip

Over a week ago the twins, Kev and myself ventured to Melbourne. I had a dentist appointment first up! ( the word hate comes to mind!) Then we headed to the zoo. Now the day was far from perfect, it rained here and there and it was busy! Most ofDSCN1832 the animals where hiding away or not in their enclosures. But still we all had a ball!


Lunch was a success and no one had to be picked and carried around which i just think is amazing!! I mean what adult wants to carry around their 4 year olds through the Zoo?? I sure as hell didn’t, my back was already sore.


At one point we had to hide from the rain but hey its only rain. James decided he wanted to run in the rain and be a bit crazy and it was very funny to watch him!



    img_4928.jpeg        img_4921.jpeg



It was a great day and the twins really enjoyed seeing all the animals (well what we could see!!). The monkeys  and elephants were a huge hit. As well as just about any baby animal there! Izzy knows our friend Nate hates snakes so while we where looking at them she asked to take photos and send them to Nate, of course we did. He disliked us for a bit after that but Izzy knows how much he dislikes them so every time we see snakes we must send it too him! She enjoyed that heaps.



The Zoo is great in the holidays as it is free for children and that goes for weekends and public holidays. I think this makes it so much more affordable and enjoyable for families.

They also have actives for the children to do and be apart of.  I can’t wait to make this a yearly tradition for our family now the twins are older 🙂



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