Melbourne Show

This past Monday we got up early, packed some lunch and headed off to the Melbourne Show. A big event full of rides, animals, show dogs and other animals and much more! It is held each year in the September school holidays.

I have been a few time when I was younger and took the kid the first time when they where about 2. this was the last year the twins where free to get in as they are 4. Turning 5 next years they are going to be charged for almost everything!

Parking thankfully was great and we didn’t have much of a walk. This was the first time going to and event like this that I decided not to take a pram as well they are too big for it and then they would fight about who gets to sit in it and it would be a complete drama. We went with my partner and met my sister and her roommate and my good friend Nate there.



The road trip up there 🙂





Izzy got a kiss from a dingo, she loves dingos sleeps with one every night 🙂


They had so much fun in the animal nursery. It was a first stop of the day. Next we played so games and went on some rides. We also went into the farmhouse and saw cows and sheep. They twins had a wonderful time!

Izzy was so brave and went on dodgem cars..



We also saw some amazing cake!! I just wanted to take them home and look at them all day as well as eat them 🙂




It was a good day. Full of lots of fun smiles and laughter. They each got a show bag full of goodies.



The twins at this point didn’t want photos as they had had enough. So off we went home. The twins didnt sleep in the car which was very surprising but thankfully went right to be once we got home.

The only bad points about the show was the prices of everything, its so expensive to get into. Buying food is completely over priced as well, it also rained a bit which wasn’t much fun but thankfully the twins didn’t complain about it! It was also very crowed and I hate crowds. I think they where also a bit too young for it again this year and might have to wait until they are a little bigger to be able to enjoy more of the show. All in all tho it was a great day and we all enjoyed what we could. Everyone was very tired after and it taken us a few days to get over it.



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