Melbourne adventures Part 2

We awoke Sunday it a nice blue sky. We chilled out in our pj’s for a bit. Ate some breakfast and the twins then had a bath and a shower. (Must try it all)

Packed all of our stuff up, it was a lot and headed down to check it at 11. I had decided to drive the the Melbourne Museum, mainly to go see Jurassic World. And also it was close to the city so we could catch trams and head in the middle of the city.

Jurassic World was great! Bit scary for the twins and I think over priced for the 20 mins we where in there but I still enjoyed it.


We also had a look around through the mind and body part of the museum.

Once we finished at the museum we found our way to city tram.

I got us a bit lost looking for the tram. It all confuses me. Thankfully I found the free tram and on we hopped. We stayed on it for a while and rode it around the city. Then we hopped off  at Melbourne emporium. We got some lunch at an amazing burger place.


Best food!! the burger was so yummy! Just what we needed to fuel ourselves up on!!!!!

I also stopped myself from going on a major shopping spree. I could of been in heaven. We then went for a bit of a walk. And back on the tram we went. Found our way back to the museum. Was a long trip it felt like with a lot of the same question “this stop mum?”

Once off the tram we walked through the park where the twins where able to have a run and enjoy some free time before we had to hop into the car and start the 2 hour drive home.


I had to stop half way home and grab myself a coffee. IT was such a BIG day in the city. The first time I was by myself and having both the kids with me was tough. Definitely not something I would want to do by myself all the time. It hard work walking through those crowds and making sure i have a hand for each kids, making our way around the people who just won’t move for you.

Over all tho I had the best time and so did the twins and I can’t wait to do it again!


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