Melbourne adventure 

I’ll have to do this post in a couple as there is a lot to fit in!

Let’s begin, last Wednesday I decided to book a night in the CITY. I’d been planning for a while but decided then and there I didn’t want to wait any longer. It was for myself and the twins. Our own little get away.

We left for the city in mid afternoon and got up there by about 3:30. The drive was great no traffic and lots of singing and talking as we where all very excited to be heading away! We got to the hotel managed to park in the very small car park and grabbed our bags! Two for each of us! And headed up to the room.

It was a great room and perfect for us. It had a spa bath and a king bed. WINNING!! I also got a fold out bed so I could sleep by myself while the twins shared.

We spent an hour in the room and then decided to go for a walk down to federation square. My partner had build a pop up ice cream place there so we wanted to check it out.


The best ever ice cream!!!!

Izzy have vanilla

James chocolate

And myself I had COFFEE.

It was to die for!!! Best ice cream I’ve every had! And the pop up shop was such a nice little  atmosphere. The twins also loved the ice cream and Izzy couldn’t eat enough of it.

We also went to have a look along the river and a walk around fed square.

We then headed back on our 20 minute walk back to the room. The twins decided it was then spa time and spent a good 20minutes playing in the big bath.

Our first and thankfully only ACCDENT  then occurred, James was in too big of a rush to get it of the bath and forgot that it is a lot taller then our one at home as well as the tiles were slippery once wet. He face planted on the tiles and cut his lip open. Thankfully it was nothing serious and only bleed for a little bit. There where tears, blood and a laugh from Izzy to be had. As well as bulk cuddles!!!

My sister then joined us for dinner with her partner and our friend Nathan.we couldn’t of gone wrong with chicken and chips. The original plan tho was to cook the pizza I had brought up but I couldn’t work out how to use the oven! I mean it was a conventional one and was just hard work it get it to cook!! They are not EASY.

They stayed up until about 9:30. We watched a movie and James favourite show high way through hell was on channel 2. He was wrapped! Then the twins headed to bed! Thankfully it was actually easy to get them to sleep together and go to SLEEP! No crying No yelling No scream. I was winning big time! They where asleep by 10. Meant I actually would of gotten so alone time and enjoyed the room, had I not have fallen asleep! The bed was so comfy. It was a great night and we were all looking forward to  Sunday to do some more exploring.

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