Make up for mums on the go.

Lately as i have been getting older (  most people would say maturing with age seeing as i just turned 23)  i have found myself more into beauty and  taking better care of my skin . Also having more pride in how i look. The one thing that i have always found hard is the fact that make-up takes so long to put on and that its also hard to find one that you really like. And i am happy to say that not only did i find one i like but i also found one that is easy and quick to put on in the morning! Nude By Nature is what i find works best for me.

This powder is so easy to put on and look amazing that i now swear by it. And the only time i don’t wear it is when I’m going to the gym or i have well and truly lost track of time.

If you don’t believe me go try some. The added bonus is they always have a special box to start you off with and see if you like it, it lasts for ages and it’s not overly priced.

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