Lovely weekend

Unfortunately i was unable to stay awake long enough to write anything about my amazing weekend . It was 4 full on days that have made my feet incredible sore and blistered  but made my heart ache for horses to be in my life. I missed my kids so much tho. It was nice to not feel like a mum for a few days and enjoy some me time.  And also to get back to my roots of being around horses. I think its the one thing missing in my life.

I got to see two of my favourite horse trainers in clinics and also i got photos and my shirt signed.

My kids got over the moon excited to me and a i was so excited to see them! Once i got home my world felt normal. I love them with everything i have.

They also loved my toys i got them which was wonderful to see. And treated me with so much love, they didn’t stop hugging and giving me kisses.

As i am writing this i am so sleepy it taking me a while to get over the weekend lol. i will put up some photos tomorrow although there is heaps on my instagram.


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