Kevin’s Birthday

This past Tuesday was Kevin’s BIRTHDAY. It was actually the perfect day for it. Lovely and sunny, warm and the BEST part  he had to day off work. 🙂 🙂

The twins went for a sleep over on the Monday night, so Kevin and myself had a lovely sleep in on Tuesday. Something that I haven’t done in months!! It was super nice to just be able to wake up by my own body clock and not with an alarm.

We awoke and headed to leongatha for him to do something with his car. It was a really nice drive. The sun I think just make everything so much better! Agree?

Then I headed down the street to go get his cake and do a few thing.

One was to go get his gift which was a new radio in his car. HE was super excited.

We then decided to wash Xena and the new bush pig.



Xena loves a good BATH if you can’t tell by these photos. And For anyone who is wondering Kevin absolutely hates photos lol so every one is a sneaky photo or under protest.

Once I got the kids from day care, Kevin got to see his little gifts from the twins. Mainly chocolate but some lovely hand drawn cards and balloons. The twins where super excited to see him and had been telling everyone it was Kev’s birthday! Super sweet I thought 🙂


Right away the twins asked if they could keep the BALLOONS and they got a big yes from Kev so they where super happy little kids. They each just got Kevin some chocolate as they think he will give them some as well. Always a good try.

We headed out for a nice DINNER with Kev’s mum at our local club. Was a very nice food. They have just done renovations so it was the first time going there since that had happened.


I wore my pinkish jeans, The sweater is from NEW LOOK. And my favourite and only clutch. IT is amazing how much my confidence has changed since having a different mindset about my body.


The twins where just all over Kev. Thankfully they waited until our food had come and been eaten! Then they began to climb on him and lay sweet kisses on the cheek to him. All while saying happy birthday and taking to him about their day.

Then it was CAKE time at home. Best part of a birthday right?


I had a cake made from our bakery and decided to do blue icing because hay why not!

It was a very nice cake. And a great way to end a perfect day!

Much Love


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