January & February 2018


I started the new year off with some amazing family time and working on some amazing and loving content. It was an amazing feeling. To feel set up for the year ahead.

Also since my twins are off school for 6 weeks I really wanted to spend a lot of the time with them and go adventuring and not having to worry about getting a new post done so I decided to set it all aside and focus on them. However they go back to school this week on Thursday ( Grade ONE) so I am slowly and surly getting back into writing and creating.

It has been a wild ride the last month. I set some amazing goals. PLUS my vision board for this year is building (over on pinterest). Had some adventures and fun filled days.

But as I am writing this it has taken me well over two weeks to write as I become ill (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen) so I have been unable to get on and finish writing this post in January and now it February!!!

I’ve spent most of the start of the year focusing on spending the time with the family and making sure I am set for the year ahead. And then yes I got sick. The universe has a funny way to tell me stop and reset. That is how I am taking being sick. Something wasn’t working, it might of been my time management, not studying enough for uni, not sticking to my schedule I set for myself for the day or following my to-do list for the day so I don’t become overwhelmed. I am not entirely sure what the universe wanted me to learn from getting sick but I am taking it as sign to start changing things up and trying new ways of doing things. Sometimes its hard when you feel like your giving so much of yourself to those around you but you haven’t created the time for you to grow. I also have a lot of wasted time throughout the day and I know it. But it’s like an never ending cycle that I can’t stop. If I have a spare 30 mins i’ll watch Netflix or look at social media instead of doing the things I really want to do like read, yoga, study, make sure the house is tidy. I allow myself to just waste the time. I have all ways known this but It wasn’t until I got sick (this time around) that I realised just how much I actually hate sitting around and doing nothing, how my brain becomes less and my body becomes blah.

Change doesn’t  just happen you have to really want it. Up until this point I don’t think I actually truly wanted to change. I liked the cycle I had myself in. I would do what my spirit needed but no more. I would stay within my comfort zone. I wouldn’t truly allow myself to be the best and strongest I can be. Because I know there is more to me I can feel it. Growth doesn’t happen over night you need to plant the seeds and start somewhere.

So this month and yes I do know we are already in the near middle of February but hay I needed time to recover, I am dedicating myself to growth and change. I am willing to do more of the work that is needed from me. I am willing to create a plan and stick to it. I am willing to cultivate change.

It been a great couple of months will a lot of love and laughter, but now we are back to the grind of school, work and after school activities and I really need to make sure I focus on what is important to me and my family. I have my power sheets ready to go for February and I have decided to grow a garden with Izzy. It will be a project for this year and I am planning to start it next weekend (any tips please send them my way) I think it will be something we will enjoy together and I am sure the monkey man will join in as well. Although he just loves the digging part.

I am so looking forward to creating this blog more this year and also vlogging and finding my self even more. It has been a journey so far and I can’t wait to see what else comes my way. It has taken a while for this first post to go up for the year and I am actually ok with that. I made sure I did it in my time and when I was ready and not before then. I truly hope this year is the year of change and growth for me + I hope you all join me for the ride.

Light and Love


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