Interview with Jess – Mummy of boy girl twins

One day I was looking on the computer and I decided to look up twin blogs. I had done this when the twins where little but then I stopped. As the search finished I came across Jess’s blog.

Wow I feel in love. Her twins, the writing, how the posts related to how I felt. So each day I would try and check for new posts. I also found Jess on more social media via her blog.

When I started up my blog, Jess was the first blogger I made a connection with on social media. And for me that is something. I put myself out there and in return she has helped me by answering questions if I had/have them, sharing my Facebook page and also agreeing to let me interview her 🙂

Since she lives in the UK and I live in AUS, I emailed her some questions to answer.

M: Why did you start your blog and what blog gave you the idea?

J: My Sister in law mentioned a twin blog that her friend had started and I thought “I could do that too!”. I have always had a passion for writing and so it was a way of achieving that. I adore blogging so much now.

M: Hardest thing about your pregnancy?

J: The weight of the bump and trying to stay awake at work!

M: If you could chance one thing about your pregnancy, what would it be?

J: I would try not to worry so much, but it was hard not to. There were many issues along the way and we were constantly scared throughout the pregnancy. Thankfully they were born without needing special care and without any issues.

M: What is your favorite part about having twins?

J: Their bond. They are the best of friends and miss each other even when they’re apart for 5 minutes!

M: What is your first thought in the morning?

J: “It’s 630am” (groan!)

M: If you could choose one place other then the UK, where would you go to and why?

J: America – we would love to take them to Disneyland one day. And I have never been to the USA yet!

M: How did you pick out your children’s names? Any special reason beside them?

J: Harry was our favorite boys name, and Charlotte was a name Hubby and I said we had both always liked. Although she’s Lottie to us now! Hubby and I found it easy to select the names. We agreed pretty quickly.

M: Hardest thing about having twins?

J: When they’re both ill and you only have one pair of hands to cuddle them. Their fighting and bickering over everything! And, when they start talking and they both demand things from you all day!!

M: What is an important thing you want your children to learn from yourself and your husband?

J: Morals, and to be polite. Mainly to be happy and follow your heart and dreams.

M: What is a normal day at home like for you guys?

J: Hubby works and I am a Stay at Home Mum. On the days the twins don’t go to preschool we go to friends houses for playdates or we’re in the park. I am an advocate for getting out and about (even though it’s not always easy!).

M: Funniest thing one of the twins have done?

J: They are starting to say really funny things and recently Harry said the following which really made me laugh!
Harry: “I want a sweetie too”
Me: “But Lottie gets one because she went on the potty”
Harry: “Awww, me want one too”
Me: “Well do you want to start going on the potty then? And then you can have sweets”
Harry: “No thanks”

M: One thing you hope people get out of your blog?

J: That they can relate to what I write and that someone, somewhere will smile and enjoy it. To have anyone read a post is always so uplifting and makes it worthwhile.

M: Best advice someone has given you and did you follow it?

J: In blogging, to be yourself and don’t copy anyone. Which I always stick to. My best writing comes from when I am open and honest – and just me.

M: If you life was movie which movie would it resemble?

J:Confessions of a Shopaholic (before I had the twins!).

M: Favourite active to do when you don’t have the twins?

J: Shopping. Or running. Mostly shopping 🙂


Jess  has over 1000 on instagram and just over 4000 on twitter, Jess has well an truly becoming an amazing blogger. She also has two amazing children to write about, take photos off and enjoy writing about all their adventures. I look forward to seeing how her blog develops as her twins get older.

Jess can be found at-

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  1. Thank you SO much for the lovely interview! You’re really kind. Appreciate the lovely words and feel very honoured. It’s fab to find fellow twin Mummy’s online / through blogging and make good friends too! Love your blog too and your family. It’s been so nice to meet you. Jess x

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