An interview with Lauren from Daisy Daisy Handmades

Today I had the lovely pleasure of interviewing my wonderful friend Lauren from Daisy Daisy Handmades. An online business that makes baby and nursery items.

Lauren created an at home business when her children where little. It was only meant to be something of a hobby and a way to get some extra money, little did she know that it would turn into something much much more. Lauren has over 9000 followers on Instagram and a wide range of customer from all over there world. If you’ve had a baby or have friends having a baby then you should go check out Lauren’s website. 

How did you start daisy daisy handmade and why? I loved sewing and making things when both kids were babies so decided to turn my hobby into a little business for some extra play money while being a stay at home mum. It ended up growing into something way bigger then expected.

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere! From nature, to colours to animals and even food. You can pretty much get anything as a pattern on material. Following the latest nursery trends on Pinterest and Instagram also helps.

How did you learn to sow? My grandmother first taught me to sew when I was really young. I used to make clothes for my barbies on an antique sewing machine in my room. Later on I did sewing classes in early high school but then didn’t sew again much after that until having Cooper 5 years ago.

3 tips to starting an at home business?

  • Confidence! I could of started it way earlier then I did but was too worried people wouldn’t like my work or it would fail. At the end of the day if it did I know nobody would of judged me for it but that’s easier said then done.
  • Balance! While it takes a lot of time and hard work to set a business up its also so important to not let it overtake your life. I try to only work while my husband is at work and the kids have things to do. I never let it take over any of my family time.
  • Enjoyment! Only set up a home business if its something your really really love. It can be stressful and really tireing at times but if it’s something you truly enjoy doing you will be able to push through it and it will all be worth it.

How do you manage your time between your business and your kids plus your husband? I tend to be relatively organized and pretty good at time management. I always start doing my housework from the minute I wake up and have it done by 9am. While my oldest is at school I then give my daughter things to do and get straight into my work. I get done all I can until school pick up which may also include having certain parts of the work I let my daughter help with. Once I have picked my son up that’s it for the day. I go straight back to 100% mum and wife mode. I make sure that I keep a limit to how many custom orders I have booked in so I can keep my work manageable in the daily time frames.

Favourite Product in your store? Definitely the organic wraps and or socks! I love the fabrics so much. They are beautiful and soft and stretchy and feel so lovely.

How do people find you? On Instagram – @daisydaisyhandes or in the AfterPay directory. Through our website Daisy Daisy Handmades

Tips for decorating a babies/toddler/kid’s room? Keep it simple. Pick a colour or character theme that only consists of three colours. Have one thing in the room that you want to be the feature. Usually this is the cot where you might have the most busy or bright colour. Then keep it nice and basic with complicating colours with everything else. Bedrooms aren’t normally too big so the busier the colours and items in the room the smaller and more cramped it will feel. Darker colours close in a room whereas lighter colours make it feel more open.

What does a typical day look like for you? It’s pretty much like I said earlier. I wake up, start housework, do breakfast and lunchboxes, kids dressed etc… After the school drop off its either straight up the street to do shopping or groceries if they are needed then back home to start work. Once I pick my son up from school its afternoon tea and homework and a relax with my husband before dinner. We both cook tea together as my husband enjoys cooking way more then me but I also like to help out. We have always done this too so it’s a great chance for us to talk and spend time together. Then it’s each to their own up until bed time between 7-7:30pm for the kids.

If you follow a blogger or designer who is your favourite? I follow all the usual big ones like Sophie Cachia and Constance Hall but apart from them its just lots and lots of baby and home bloggers and pages on Instagram. There really is hundreds of them!


Random Questions


  • Favourite date night? Really anything where it’s just the two of us. Usually we go out for dinner or it’s a night away in the city.
  • Best activity to do with your kids? We love going away on holidays or to Melbourne. Anywhere we can explore that new we are happy. We are lucky that our kids travel quite well so we like to go away whenever we can.
  • Best advice or quote you have been given or read? “Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt. Something I need to remind myself so much more. I’m so self critical!
  • Worst thing to do with kids? For us it’s actually going out for dinner anywhere with play areas! Our kids want to just be in there the whole time which means someone has to stand there with them the whole time instead of enjoying dinner. I find if there is no play area they stay at the table as there is nothing interesting to entice them!
  • What is one thing people don’t know about you? If you want to tell us?I don’t think there is much people don’t really know about me. I have a massive phobia of tomato sauce which I’ve really had to learn to deal with having kids. Both of them love the stuff and always manage to get it all over their faces whenever they eat it meaning I have to touch it to clean it off. Also I have massive OCD!
  • What is one thing you do daily for self-care or self-love? Clean my face! I always make sure I give my face a massive wash and deep clean every day before toning and moisterising it.


Do you prefer?

  • Tea or Coffee-  Tea
  • Winter or Summer- Summer
  • Out for dinner or dinner in-  Dinner Out
  • Movies at the cinema or movies at home- At Home
  • Pool or beach- Pool


I would just like to say thank you to Lauren for taking the time to answer my questions and for also being up to being a feature on our blog.

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