I’m TIU-day 9 

Ok yes I again left a day out! I didn’t have the twins last night so I had a bit of a date night with Kev instead so blogging was the last thing on my mind. I’ll start with Monday tho. 

Welcome to week two. 

Monday was a good day! I went for a morning walk after I had decided I would as it was windy and cold. Then I pushed myself to workout even tho I didn’t want to. Just couldn’t be stuffed me but I felt amazing afterward! 

I felt better after pushing to work out! Food was alright that day. I had eggs for breakfast lunch was chips and a burger and dinner was some meat dish from kev’s nan and pop. I also had a smoothie 😀

It was an alright day and I’m glad I stuck to it! 

DAY 9 

Tuesday was a really bad day. We had such bad weather down here and I had a lot to deal with the SES. So lunch was missed and snacks where lost in the day. 

I did manage to work out before I had to deal with SES. 

And I made pancakes for dinner 🙂 

Hopefully I can get back on track on Wednesday.

Love to you all 


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