I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar.

Sounds scary right. Like something that people are just doing because its a trend.

Well Im doing it. An 8 week program with Sarah Wilson.

Honestly I was scared bloody shitless. I had brought her books and I mean all three of them. I tried a recipe here and there, Tried to do the program through her I Quit Sugar book that she has out which is the basic 8 week program. But I needed more. So I spent the money and join the next 8 week online course.

It started on the 5th of September.

I thought id hate the recipes and not want to eat the food and really just not want to do it. BUT……

Im now into week 2!

Week one was amazing! The food was incredible! Loved every single thing I ate.

My skin has started to clear up.

Ive already lost the bloating.

Losing weight.

Feeling more healthier and energetic.

Ive been told from Kev I’m less moody! WHOO go me.

Mum tells me I look better…. HELL YEAH…

Im extremely happy with how I’m feeling. Although Im super hungry all the time. A side effect of getting all the sugar out of my body. I’m coping ok. I miss eat the chocolate but then I realise how much it’s made me feel like shit! And how do I know this well I caved on night. Had some chocolate and then felt like pure crap afterwards! So sluggish and tired!

I decided right then that I want to quit this sugar craving addiction I have and be the best version of myself!

These are just some of the yummy food I have had to eat. I love the fact the recipes are for two servings. So what you eat for dinner you eat for lunch the next day! Easy right!

I’ll keep you posted on how I am going


Much love




I Quit Sugar

Sarah Wilson

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