I am a WITCH… Accepting this.

I am a witch.

And dame does it feel good to say that, type that, show it to the WORLD.

It took me ages and ages to feel confident and able to speak my truth. The truth is that that I love the magic the universe has to offer. I love the energy of the moon. I love the energy of the earth. I love the intuition my gut has. I love rituals and spells. I love angles and tarot cards. I am guided by SHE (god, universe, witch, mary magdalen, angles ) basically Im still trying to find a word for it.  I am guided by my gut and my heart. I am guided by my soul.

I ignored this for so long. I tried to just forget about it and not worry about it. When I was little I always felt like there was more to the world and I could feel the energy around me. I would have very real dreams and then certain things would and come true to the point it was the exact thing I had dreamed about. BUT I closed the door through my teen years on my magical and mystical feelings. I honestly believe this why I had so many issues as a teenage. I shut it all out and I felt very alone and disconnect from myself.

It wasn’t unit I had the twins and went through hell that I really reconnected to my magical side again. I realised that through losing my touch with it all I lost the part of me that believed in more and accepted the lessons of the universe and it was only when I reconnected with that part that I truly was able to accept that magic is just apart of me. And things really started to change for me! I listen to the angles and the earth. I read tarot cards and pull an angle card each day. I have essential oils around the house at all times. I tune into my body at all times, I try to just allow myself to feel the way I want to feel rather then hide it. I also journal a lot!! Oh and let’s not forget meditation!! One of the best things you can do for your body and mind. 

I inspire myself with courses and learnings  for my mind to grow. Currently I’m doing a divine resonance magic certification by Tess Whitehurst, I’m also apart of Gala Darlings coven. Which have been such an amazing experience. Im still going through it all but I’ve been able to connect with some incredible people. I love learning and expanding my mind especially when it something that I am really passionate about.

I think that over time being a witch has somewhat become fashionable and something every one whats to be, however for me its about being connected to my soul and my past life’s. I have this feeling inside me that I am something more then just another soul on this earth, that some how some way I am meant to help people and share my voice with the world. I’ve chosen to do this through this blog, making youtube videos and through social media ( I’m not great at public speaking). But through these channels I’ve been able to find my voice and if I can help one person then I’m happy.

I feel connect to the moon and its cycles and the earth and all it holds. It inspires me, guides me and helps create who I am.

I’m also planning to teach the twins about it all and bring them up connected to them-selves and the universe. I’ve waited until they where older to help them understand more. They have been pulling angle cards lately which they have been loving and I might possible get Izzy  a set  for christmas but we will see.

Being true to myself has never made me feel so light. Its brought me so much joy and love. I love being able to fully accept who I am and enjoy it all. I’ve lost all judgement of what people think and feel about who I am. I can only be the best possible version of myself. And that person it being a witch, a voice, a healer, a spiritual being. 

Below are a few of my top spiritual teachers- 

Gabby Burnstein
Kyle Grey

Rebecca Campbell

Gala Darling

Tess Whitehurst

I have basically read every book by them or their book ( new books) are on my to-read list for this year. They all own who they are, They help others and teach us how to accept our calling. Find our true selfs and listen to the signs around us.

So for this post that is all. I’veawaken my inner witch and told you all, basically I faced my fear! Im off to go get the twins from school and enjoy our afternoon. My life is now out there for everyone to really get to know me. No more hiding and shying away from it all! And I’m LOVING it. 

Sending loads of love



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