Holiday Part 1

I am currently writing this while sitting out on the deck in some sun shine watching the boats go past while the twins play with play doh and enjoy seeing all the different boats go past, James has told me that just about nearly ever boat is his!

Sunday morning we awoke and started packing the car. Filled it right to the top! (so much stuff for two little people and two big people) Drove the 3 hours to get to Lakes Entrance. The twins and I slept most of the way while my mum drove.

We arrived at The esplanade resort at about 2pm. Wow our room is amazing and with some amazing views as well.





Our first afternoon was great although everyone was a bit tired and we all just needed to rest.

Monday we went swimming in the pool which the twins just loved. Wow did they both do some great swimming. We also just had a mostly chilled day in the room and enjoyed the time together.

Tuesday we went out and about. We went for a walk and stopped at a bit of sand for the twins to play on.




We also went for a bit of a drive around. Went swimming again plus also played on the play ground. And went out for dinner, wow just typing that sound busy.

Wednesday, again we went swimming.  Then around lunch time Izzy and I went on a boat ride. James was a bit scared of the boat so he went off with his grandma to play mini golf, which he  loved.


on the dock waiting for izzy and me to go.
on the dock waiting for izzy and me to go.






The boat was great, Izzy loved it. She was great and got a ice pole and a chocolate bar as a treat. We loved it and got to see heaps of the coast line and a lot of other boat. Then we went off to a winery and had an amazing lunch plus scons and coffee. We also had a wine tasting and mum brought some of the home made wine. We went out for dinner again later that night and had another amazing meal. Although we where already full from lunch but couldn’t help ourselves.

I am currently in the middle of organizing my other photo from the rest of our trip but if you want to see more check out our instagram.

We have decided to stay an extra two night as we are having too much fun.

Stay tuned for more.


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