Healthy mind, healthy body

Over the last few year I have been getting into fitness. I use to go to the gym about 2 to 3 times a week and also go for a weekly walk with the puppy.  I always feel great after working out and started to feel more confidant wiht my body. After the twins where born I still kept some of the weight from the twins and was never happy with the way I looked,

Recently I lost all of the water weight i think my body held. About 6kg down. I feel amazing. although the last few months I’ve struggled with working out and being motivated to do much. Clean the house, study and look after my body.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to retrain the way my brain is thinking and working.

I am currently in week 3 of the gratitude project 6 weeks course ( Can be found here ) I am finding this amazing and really helping my way of thinking and looking at things.


I am also reading Gabrielle Bernstein books, and yes that is books. Currently in the middle of Sprite Junkie, Miracles Now and add more ~ing to your life. Her website is gabbytv.


I am reading all three at once, excessive I know but I’m so hooked that I can’t stop reading. I shell let you all know how they are once I have fully finished them.


Another great author who I have brought every book and playbook is Lise Messenger. I am currently in the middle of her new book Money + Mindfulness living in abundance.  If you want a good book that is easy and straight to the point grab one of Lisa’s books. You can find all her books at Collective Hub




Im hoping by bettering my brain and the way I think I will find the motivation to get back into my fitness because it is one thing the really helps wiht my stress and I will always feel happier after a good workout. I am also starting to practices meditation. So all in all the last few months have been big for me. Im trying to be the person I know that I can be instead of hiding! Im trying to be positive and look at the benefits of any bad situation that comes my or the twins way.

” Negative self talk brings negative results, Positive self talk brings positive results!”


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