Health Strategies

I have some go to health strategies. These I try to do everyday but i don’t allow myself to feel bad if I don’t. Ive taken the go with the flow approach.

Sometimes I feel completely out of wack with-in myself. And other days I’m completely in tune with myself.

I have a few things I do to keep my self aligned and a few things I do when I need to get my back in line with myself.

I use to struggle with feeling out of wack, I felt like I was failing at being my true self. I would and still sometimes go for the chocolate. It’s like a bandaid for myself. Then I realised that Im allowed to feel down and sad and washed out. Im allowed to feel not so joyful. I should feel those things as they are a part of being human.

Then there are the other times where I feel so complete and happy and just surround by love. And that is the feeling I want the most. These health strategies help get me back on my toes when I’m down and they help me get back up.

 1.  I allow my self to feel.

This can be anything from allowing myself to cry, write in my journal or just watch movies and rest.

2. I go out in nature.

One of the best things I can possible do for myself is take my dog for a walk. This allows me to get outside in the fresh air. Ive been for walks in the sun and in the rain. When I the urge to walk I just have to go. And I never allow the weather to stop me.

3.  Magic Beans.

Ive been taking these for a few months but I already notice the difference with in my self when I don’t take them. There has been the odd day where I have forgotten to take them and I feel like my mind is not as clear, my body is sluggish and I just feel like I haven’t got enough energy. These magic beans are all organic fruit, veg and berry capsules. They are just amazing. Because I believe in the product to much I actually started an online business based around them.

4. journal

I just write it out. I write down when I’m happy, sad ,feeling light and everything in-between. I take my journal everywhere! And i mean everywhere its basically in my handbag every where I go jus incase I get the urge to write. I have tried a journal app but i much prefer to write it out by hand. I just think it makes me feeling more in touch with my feeling.

5. Yoga

This never fails. I just roll out my mat and 90% of the time I feel so much better!

6. Meditation

This is a huge one for me. I try to meditate at least once a day but I don’t get mad at myself if I don’t. IF I feel out of sorts I just sit down and breath and meditate. It really is the best thing EVER!

          7. Essential Oils 

Essential oil play a huge roll in my life. I have a defuser in my room which is always on when I’m home. I also have a special necklace that holds pad that I can place drops off oil onto and carry it around all day with me. I use DōTERRA.


These 7 things are my basic go to strategies. I also love love my books and have some many to read and  expand my mind. They also provide a safe place for me to just relax and learn more about myself.

If if you want to know anything the things I’ve mentioned in this post please contact me. I’d love to be able to help anyone who needs some tips or tricks.

I would also love to know what are you health strategies?

What make you shine?

How do you allow yourself to feel?

All the love and blessings



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