Happy New year

Happy New Year all you wonderful people. I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years Eve.

Mine was spent working till 11 then running to a friend to see him ask his girlfriend to marry him (she said yes) and then home by 12:30. Because i didn’t want to be too tired for the twins in the morning and left face it mum and new years with young kids at home doesn’t really mix. I mean its great for some but for me my bed is where i wanted to be.

I want to have a post done about all my New Year resolutions but i lost track of time and i could figure out what i wanted mine to be. I had a few thoughts but nothing really stood out. Resolutions and goal are things you want to achieve and to be able to feel good about once you have achieved it, so working out ones for me that i will be able to  reach was the hard part.

So here goes mine. For 2015-

1. I won’t allow the twins to be on the tablet or phone as much and keep it for emergency  not when i need to clean or cook and they won’t allow me to do so.

2. I want to wake up at 6:30 and get out of bed and start the day off with a workout from Tone It Up or just get up and ready for the day.

3. I want to write at least a post every 2 days for 6 months and then a post every day after the 6 months is up. gives me time to get used to this and work on it more.

4. Give up eating so much chocolate and junky food.

5. Enjoy more of my day rather then get upset because it has gone to quickly.

6. Make more time for me and read the books i have yet to finish.

For now these 6 will do and once i can convince my brain of these 6 things and doing it on a daly bases i will make and set more goals for myself.

I love this time of year when finally the past can be the past and you can start fresh and move forward. 2014 was a good year for me, i got to start this blog and saw my kids grow into these amazing kids. But it also came with a lot of challenges. i just hope 2015 doesn’t have so many.  I have been so lucky this year to have wonderful friends involved in my life and to also be able to experience  the thing i have because my wonderful was would look after the twins for me.The high light tho was being introduced to the Demartini method. It has shown me so much and i have learnt so much about myself through it. I love it, it has helped me so much. I wouldn’t change 2014 for anything i grew in so many ways and so did the twin i just hope 2015 is even more of a growth for us.





Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, liked a photo on Instagram or enjoyed my twitter feed. I love to see that people are involved with my blog.


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