Grown up so fast…

Im sitting down in front of the TV watching one of my shows while my kids are sleeping peacefully. And thinking that I don’t understand where the years have gone, they are so grown up. They now will tell me stories about day care and kinder and who there friends are. I can’t imaging a more wonderful time in a child’s life. This is such a wonderful time for me and them. I can finally relax a bit on having to step in and speak for them to other people because now other people can understand them, and i’m serious it happened over night!!

I’m also now in the stage of finding the best chore plan for the kids, that way they can learn more responsibility and understand why i tell them 10 + times a day to pack up after they have played with their toys.  But making a chore chart is not easy! I’m trying to find one that will work for us and also what reward system i will use.

It’s not the most easiest thing to do. And Pinterest has been an amazing  help so i think tomorrow or Thursday we will sit down and make it together :).

I never knew how fast kids can change over night. It really amazing to see. Ive learnt so much about my kids over the last few week. My son is actually really smart and picks up on things that i wouldn’t think he would, he also remembers things that happened days ago and will tell me and other people what happened. My daughter is very creative and loves drawing and role playing which is wonderful to listen to and see.  And all of this has come out in what i feel is overnight!

So many things changing at once!

would love to hear some stories about how your kids have changed overnight  🙂

Maddie xo


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