The gross and annoying pimple


The thing that most people hate and i bet are you read that to yourself you cringed just a little.

Personally I used to absolutely hate them. When one would come up I would hide it…. Make-up, coving it when talking to someone with my hand, hiding away.

PIMPLES are he annoying thing that come up at the worst possible time. Normally when you have a big event or a date. Well I find that anyone.

For me I’ve learnt now a days to actually love my pimples. They tell me when I’ve eaten to much crab. Or when I’m hormonal.

So last week WOW have they pop there little heads up. Although not just small ones, but  big red ones that hurt like hell.

My face is extremely red and covered in big red pimples and little pimples. And as I’ve said I would try an cover them. TRY being the word.

BUT now, I’m not ashamed by them.

Who cares if people ask me what is one my face because they don’t know any better or the fact that the twins like to go “mum why is that big red thing on your face”. I know can just laugh at all of these negative comments.And just move on. I know actually joke wiht the twins and ask them to know the big ones because WHY THE HELL NOT.

I’ve learnt to not cover them with make-up as that can make them WORSE. Keeping my face clean is better.

Not to hide them away.

To just embrace them and let them do their thing because they will eventually go away on there own terms.

Just leave them alone and they will remove them self from your face on their own.

Although if you get back acne as well that can just be annoying. The little dots that make your back itchy but no one can actually see them. I don’t actually have any tips to help them, seeing as I can’t get rid of mine luckily they aren’t noticeable by ANYONE!!

PIMPLES aren’t the enemy. They tell us things about our bodies they we need to listen too. They need to become our friends because then they actually leave us quicker.


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