Getting my toes sandy

Thursday was an amazing day with the weather.

Because is was such a nice sunny and warm day , I decided to take the twins down the beach seeing as we had a day at home to do nothing.


How could anyone not be happy! It was such a good feeling to be bare foot in the sand. It completely grounded me and make me feel incredible happy.





The twins had a ball. Playing in the sand, building sand castles and running around. It was so nice to just feel so free. No make-up, hair a mess and just enjoying the moment. It was super fun and honestly as much as I love winter, I can’t wait to get out in the sun some more. It really is an incredible feeling to be bare foot in the sand and just be present.

The last few weeks my hormones or something along that line has been playing wonders on me. Im unsure why but Ive felt very off and all over the place. Thankfully going the beach really helped and it feels like it was exactly what my body had been craving! SUN!!!

It just felt as soon as I put my toes in the sand that my body just went “YES, your here, your listening now we can move on”

I haven’t felt like that in ages. And it was 200% what I needed and also what I think the twins needed. They got super happy and their grumpiness also went away. FUNNY huh.

HOW can a beach just do that to three completely different people and make the three of us more present and joyful.

SHELLS are a huge part of the beach and the twins love collecting them. We had to run around the beach scooping them all up.



These are the two favourite shells that where found from the beach.

We also dug trenches and built sand castles.



My legs look extremely white…. Majorly need some SUN.

It was greta day to the nearly end of the week and I honestly can’t wait to start of next week with my balance restored!

Hopefully we might even make it to the beach again…



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