Food Prep Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope your week has been great and well a lot better then mine has been. Its been a very cold and wet week so hasn’t made life very fun.

This week I did shopping on Friday instead of Sunday. I was wonder the weather would be crap and didn’t want to take the twins out in if it I could help it.


It wasn’t a big shop. Just mainly buying food the twins can snack on through out the school holidays. Plus a lot of fruit to make a fruit salad for the week. Other then that Im not doing a hole lot of prep this week. We are off to the city later on in the week and Im going to use left over in the freezer and the fudge for dinner. Im doing a clean out of the fridge and freezer as I look at it and the same with the pantry. Basically its a quick and easy week seeing as it the first week of school holidays and life will be a bit all over the place.

There is also a few snacks and treats in this shop as I made chocolate pastry on Friday night and nachos last night. 

Today for food prep o just made a big fruit salad for the twins to eat throughout the day. 

Izzy loves to have custered so I thought adding fruit to it would be better then her just eating it out of the bottle. 

Well that’s it for this weeks food prep. Check out our Instagram for the yummy meals I’ll be making this week. 



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