Food Prep Sunday

Yes I’m be hind a day and this is well and truly over due.
Im trying to make this into a weekly series but life throws curve balls all the time at me. And hey I just go with it. That being said food prep Sunday moved to Monday this week. Whoo go me!!

I did the weekly shop on Saturday. I spent a lot but got a few new items that I have not had before and costed a bit more.

Just a few of the little thing I brought that I don’t normally get. I’m trying stevia to replace the sugar I use. And the new make up remover for when I’m on the run. 

I also finally found some buckwheat!! Thank you health food store!

 I don’t have a lot to bake this week as most meals are to be cooked on the night and also my lunch this week is just a salad.

But I did make these…

They are super easy to make and very yummy!! 

I can’t wait to devour these!! 

That was basically my food prep for the week. I’m not doing much this week and just making my salads up on the day. 

So there you have my food prep Sunday ( really this week was Monday) 

Hopefully next week will be on time and more cooking!! 


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