Finding my spirit junkie

Many may not know that their are some incredible books out there that can just fill your soul with love.

In November last year, I stumbled onto Gabrielle Bernsten. I had known about her for a while, seen whispers through the internet, read about her in others books and magazines, Lisa Messager is a fan of hers. But it wasn’t until this point that I really decided to see what all the fuss was about.

And well  let me tell you OMG did I fall in love. I found my voice, I’ve stopped and continuing on working on letting my ego control they way I think about situations and the way I talk to myself. I finished spirit junkie and am still in the middle of adding more ing~. Completely in love. I am also completing her May Cause Miracles, A 6 week guide to unlimited happiness. All I can say is wow. Im super open to it all and I can feel the shift within myself.

I’m also a huge fan of her app SpiritJunkie, giving daily afermations.

I have all of Gabbys books on my iPad but decided to buy them in hard copy as well…. Might be a tad hooked!

As you can see from the above photo another book that is along the same lines and a fantastic read is Melissa Ambrosini mastering your mean girl.

I’ve brought tickets to her book tour!!!! One happy mummy here!!!

Melissa is an Australian author, might be why I like her so much 😜.

She has such a great view on life.

The thing I love about these books and authors is that they are both saying the same thing! Don’t listen to that little ego in your head that is putting fear into your every day life!

I’m very impressed with how easy it is commit to this change in my life.

I’ll keep you updated!


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