Wow how are we in February already???

First off I finally have a new computer! whoo! over a week and a half without one and I was starting to go a bit crazy! Ive lost most of Decembers photos which included christmas but i did learn a huge lesson and that is to back up photo straight away!!  Key point  their guys- Back up photos right away! otherwise yo could lose them like i have done.

I got a different type of computer this time still an apple tho but the Macbook Air. I used to have the pro. Luckily for me my sister knows a lot about computers and was able to help me out!

Anyway back to trying to figure out where the hell January went??

Does anyone know.

The twins started 4 year old kinder this week… I might have had a quiet cry to myself when i released they are 5 in March and now in the big kinder group. But hey what mum hasn’t. Im also a bit lost with having the time to myself, don’t get me wrong i love it but the house is way to quiet and i feel lost! Lucky i have tones to keep my mind off it but still its a huge difference. They go three time a week for 5 hours. They love kinder and mostly always exited to go. And this year they also go their kinder t-shirts since they are going more. Both super excited about it.

This Feb (yes i know we are 7 days in) I want to focus more on masting meditation and setting up morning  routines for all of us. I tend to back off a bit when I’m tired and thats going to help no-one. Im also hoping that I can do more with the SES now that ill have a bit more free time.

Ive been super tired of late and I’m not sure why, so I deciding to eat better (back off so much chocolate ) meditate more and practice yoga more then I do now. And maybe i can get the twins involved as well. Im hoping this will make me have more energy. Cant wait to see what this year brings.

February also brings Valentines day. I haven’t had someone to celebrate valentines day with for years. Although Kev is not big on it, it will still be nice to have someone special to spend the night with. Unfortunately  We have to spend the day at and SES course, least we will be don’t that together! Always looking on the upside.

Much love and hope February bring you closer to your goals.



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