Family Holiday

First off let me start this post by saying there are way too many pictures to put in the is post and if I did it would just be full of photos so if you want to see more photos then head over to Instagram where I’ve posted some photos as it has happened.

Im writing this post on the last day of our holiday and by the time it goes live I’ll be home. Im over looking the river at the moment and even tho its raining and cloudy its still an amazing view. And I wish I could of spent another few weeks here but hay life must go on.

We left on Sunday and started our 5 hour trip up to Mulwala in NSW . It was a good drive and thankfully being during the school term not much traffic. We made good time and were up at our destination by 2pm.

The house we are staying in is amazing. Has some of the nicest views and super big for us all. Basically if we wanted to we would never have to see each other. As this was a family trip my grandma, my mum, sister, her partner and Kevin and the twins all came along. We try to do a trip at least once a year as a family. The house had two queen bedroom with their own bathroom, one room with 4 single bed and another with 2 single beds, these rooms shared a bathroom. downstairs it also has another queen room that connected to down the stairs bathroom.

The only issue with this trip was that it was a golfing trip and lets face it I don’t like golf! It boring and I only watch it if Kev wants me too or the twins drag me along but in saying that Izzy is the same as me and finds it boring. They played golf every morning on this trip and the golf went well into the afternoon which was great for them but not my cup of tea. But other then that I had a great time.

The first couple of days I wasn’t myself. I missed home and felt very restless and frustrated. Thankfully on Tuesday I was able to go for a big nice long walk by myself and just get back to nature. I find things like this a bit difficult now. Its hard to fit in my mediation and journaling with some many people. Kev is the only one who understands just how much I need ME time and thats not being selfish its just me being able to cope with life and all the little things that happen and off set me. But still being able to spend time with my family was fanatic. We don’t get to do it often so its always good.

But thankfully after the walk I felt so much better and back to my normal self.


We haven’t done a lot apart from golf and go out for dinner. Where we are there isn’t a hole lot to do unless you play golf or have a boat to go fishing in. But hey being able to relax and read is not a bad thing although I do get board very easily and felt extremely house bound. Plus when Im on holidays I do like to get out and explore . But sometime you just go wiht the flow and I still had a good time. We also saw some family that live up that way which was good. Nice to catch up with them.

Dinner has been good. the first two night we ate at the house and then the rest we have been out for tea.

The best place was the Naked Tree Cafe in Yarrawonga. My steak wasn’t the best but mum and my sister partner say the duck was amazing and well the desserts were incredible. Thankfully my sister and I shared one!

Thats one thing I actually dislike about holidays, I eat like crap as much as I try to stay on track and Kev helps me but the peer pressure from the others is hard to overcome sometimes especially when they all get this yummy food and its hard to say no.  So unfortonally  i’ve eaten a lot of sugar and let me tell you my body is hating me for it. I can’t wait to clean it out once I’m home.


The weather was fanatic, looked cloudy in the mornings but then the sun would come out and boy it would be hot. It was so nice to get out in the sun and not be in freezing cold. And on the day we were leaving the weather turned to shit. Very windy and raining.

We went to this little homestead on the Thursday and oh boy did it have the best chocolate cake and scones. I didn’t get any photos as I just inhaled them. I wish I was able to take some home but they don’t sell them for take away :(. Other then that the trip was just more about relaxing and enjoying the weather. The twins tried and failed to fish off the little dock we had, no fish wanted to be caught and we actually broke on rod in the process of fishing whoops.


We headed home on Friday and the drive was ok. Very wet and windy. And it was super nice to get home to the dogs and cat. They missed us all heaps.

It was a great trip and I had  a lot of fun. Not sure if I would go back again as its mainly a golfing or boating place but I guess we will just have to see.

Now to just get back into kinder and the normal daily life stuff.. always hard after a trip and I  find myself more tired then before I left.




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