Facial Cleaner- Review

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I’m a huge fan of finding the best facial products for my face. I have sometimes especially in summer get  very red skin and also my skin gets sun burnt very easily. This meaning I an unable to use products that strip my skin of all the natural goodness. I was lucky enough that my mum had brought me some great products for Christmas last year. All natural and healthy for my skin. But unfortunately as much as it works I still feel like something is missing. My skin just doesn’t light up and I do feel like my skin has just been super dry. It works but not in the way I want it too.

A couple of week ago  I received an offer to review a product for Griffin And Row. An all natural facial product.

Their philosophy is – ” griffin+row is a healthy, affordable and smart choice for all women who want to look and be their best, are interested in saving time and money, and want a simple, effective, practical solution that will enhance their lives and appearance.”

That sentence right there just drew me in. I really liked that fact they pride themselves in being healthy and affordable for women.

I opted to review the cleanse.

Just WOW!!!! I absolutely love what it has done for my skin. I feel like it has helped clear it up and also it doesn’t feel as dried out! Which is a big thing for me and I find my face always getting dry. Its also super easy to use. I normally use it in the shower first thing in the morning and then at night just before bed. AND the best part is it works with any skin type,  normal, dry, oily, sensitive or acne prone.

So after using it for 2 weeks I have noticed a huge difference.

It has done wonders for my skin. And now I’ve put every other one of their products on my Christmas wish list. I sure hope someone buys it for me :).

My skin just feels more relaxed and clear.
If you want more information or to go and buy some of their products head to Giffin And Row 

You can also find them on Instagram – @giffinandrow

Im so happy to have found a facial cleanser that really works for my skin. I super happy and excited 🙂




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