Easter Long Weekend 

Happy Easter! Although it might be past Easter it’s still nice to hear.

Our Easter was quiet which is just what the doctor ordered with James and I still being sick. And poor little Izzy is starting to get sick!

Friday was spent with my sister her partner and  her housemate Nath. She has just come back from a holiday in Japan and China. Going to the snow and shopping mostly filled her time. I must say she did a fantastic job of picking out things for me 🙂


I am absolutely in love with it all! Feel so lucky.

She also gave us our Easter eggs and we had an Easter egg hunt with her.The twins loved it! And found every single one and then they where nice enough to share them with us all.



Saturday we stayed around the house in the morning and just did a few things to get the house ready for renovation inside the house, rooms now look bare! We then decided to go out to the park and get some fish and chips which turned into a bit of a night mare as I was feeling like crap and so was James. We were both grumpy and tired and that took its toll on everyone!

I also worked Saturday night. So was extremely tired.

Easter Sunday was a lazy around the house day, mum/ grandma and the twins started painting her room and getting it ready. Took most of the day and other then that we just ate chocolate and enjoyed each other’s company.


Today has been spent with more painting, washing and a bit of house work as well as some play doh play, trucks and playing in dirt 🙂


Izzy is unfortunately getting sick and spent most of the day curled up under a blanket watching movies, but she did make an amazing play doh snake.

I find it hard to do much when we are all sick. Most of the time we all just want to jump back into bed and watch movies and relax.

James has over the last four days become Grandmas little side kick! Helping her and wanted to always be around her and Izzy has been off and on following me around or wanting to spend time just me and her which is always nice as James likes to have all the attention on him 95% of the time.

I was also very lucky enough to witness a full moon eclipse and blood moon on Saturday night.

All in all has been a great Easter and long weekend.


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