Dream Home #4

I’m writing thing post from bed because I’m feeling very poorly. And it will probably only be a very short post but hay at least I’m still here!!.

I’m looking at my desk that I’ve just recently brought and wishing I had more space to make my dream desk/office space . But for now ill have to make so with what I have and just make it into something that takes me to my highest creative self. I will get there just been so full on with life.

So for now I’m going to dream about these office/ desk spaces. And trust me they are only a few oh the pins i have on my board on Pinterest.




Im so excited to be able to create a space like this one day when I have the room and space. But for now Pinterest will just have to keep allowing  me to pin some inspiring photos on my desk/office board.

Wishing everyone a good week.



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