Dinner with the family 

Last night me and the twins piled into the car at about 4pm, drove up to chadstone to meet my mum, sister, Nate and Ronan.

Unfortunately the twins where super tired and decided that staying awake and playing games in the back seat was better then having a nap so I was having worries about how they would act going ok for dinner!

The twins where super excited to see everyone! So thankfully they behaved!!!!

Dinner however was a let down. While it looked fantastic it didn’t taste it!

The pulled pork for starters was great tho!

Mine actually meal was not!

It was way to spicy and just didn’t taste good! I don’t think we will be going back there anytime time soon.

The twins had nuggets and chips which where awesome! I should of just gotten them! Lol.

We also had cold press juice 😀

It was great to get out and see everyone before my sister heads overseas for a few weeks. Everyone was happy and the twins where angles!

James decided he wanted to drive home with my mum tho so me and Izzy drove back together and luck for us we could have some loud music and a bit of a song alone until she feel asleep half way home.

It was so much fun but a super tiring night for us all.


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