Hello and Merry Christmas,

I started this month off doing vlogmas on youtube but  we lost our internet after only 4 days. The internet  box blew up so I ordered a new one but  then they put us on NBN….So we got a new box which is only for NBN and had to wait 2 weeks for them to be able to connect the line, to then be told they had an issue wiht the line and couldn’t connect it. Just what I wanted. So this is making uploading to youtube very difficult. So i’ve giving up until the internet is back and working because it take days for the vlog to upload. How ever I’ve just made a snapchat for the blog @mummyoftwins91.

Please add us and see what we get up to and all the weird and wacky thing we do.

Other then this, December has been crazy. The twins finished kinder for the year and for good! Whoo now they are school kids. Ive done all the christmas shopping and wrapping. Thank god! And my work has started to pick up.

But its  been a tough month. The twins have  super tired and grumpy due to the end of the year and everything picking up and doing more.  Kevin just finished work this week o thats great means he will be home for just over 3 weeks. THANK GOD. And my mum is about to start painting the outside of the house while she has time off.

I am tho really upset that I wasn’t able to do vlogmas. I had just started to really enjoy it and learn heaps more about editing the videos and then is happens, I hoping Ill be able to do it early in the new year.

But I have too look on the bright side…. ITS CHRISTMAS…. And that alone is a good thing. It the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

Ive got to set some new goals for 2017. New plans for how I want to grow within myself and this blog. New study goals for myself.

I can feel that 2017 is going to be my best year yet!!!

I also cant believe that my two little babies have now finished kinder and are going to be going to school next year let alone turning 6!! Where has the time gone. This is actually really sad and I’m hoping I don’t cry on the first day of school. Otherwise it will be difficult to leave them there. But its going to be a year of change for us.

Im currently laying out the front of the house on the grass watching the twins ride bikes and play while we see if Santa on the fire truck will come past. I forgot this year to do it well actually I just couldn’t be bothered to organise it and now I feel like the grinch. All well there is always next year! It was really hot today but thankfully its cooled off to a nice temperature and we are able to get outside on Christmas Eve. Ive missed writing on the blog. It’s been a while and I had a lot planned for it but it seems to have just all slipped by me. I just know tho that next year is going to be a good year for me and everything I want to achieve.

I love this time of year. I always just feel there is so much ahead for us that its just waiting to happen but everything takes time.

I look forward to Christmas and the New year ahead.

Enjoy your Christmas and I hope you all pig out on some yummy food!

Much love Maddie.



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