Creating a routine that suits you.

I believe a routine is fundamental. Personal I don’t think it matters when you do it when you first wake up or go to sleep just as long as it suits your needs. It is a part of your day and week plus it helps you to stay centered and creates space for you to grow.

My routine normally happens once the twins are off at school and of a night time.

Why? Because it suits our family. For me to get up in the morning really early after I have worked is really hard and when I don’t I tend to feel really down on myself. It also suits if we are running late to school I don’t have to rush through it all. Sometimes, I’ll do it in two parts. I just find depending on my day I’ll do it when I can give it my all. My routine is also not the normal. It can differ each day and is also split up through out my day.

I create space for my fitness and my spiritual practices as both are super important to me.

My routine can range in time depending on my mood and how my body is feeling. It can be quiet quick or sometimes 2 hours. I just go with how I’m feeling on the day.

  • Meditation! This is non-negotiable for me. It can be 5 mins to an hour depending on what I feel I need.  I can also do two sessions a day.
  • Yoga. This is the way I choose to move my body each day. This can last from 15 mins to an hour depending on my body and how it feels. I just listen and off I go. I also make sure I give myself days off when my body tells me too. I am a huge fan of an app called Cody App. It has a range of different plans that I can buy to create my yoga practice and build up my abilities.
  • Working out. I try to do this 4-5 times a week and I’m lucky that I am apart of a community of women called Tone It Up that provides me with workouts I can do at home. I am also supported by the community and having the ability to do something different each day is awesome.
  • Get outside. Normally I walk my dog 3-5 times a week. This is weather depend too. Where we live can be really cold and my puppy hates walking in the wind or the rain (weird dog)  So I just go off what the weather is like. This also gets me into nature.
  • Tarot or Angel card. I love my tarot cards and my angel cards. I would be so lost without them! I normally do this sitting in bed first thing in the morning and just before I go to sleep of a night time. I won’t always use both and sometimes I will do a full tarot spread during the day or evening.
  • Yoni egg. I recently just brought a yoni egg and wow I love it. How have a not known about these earlier? I have started to incorporate them into my spiritual practice 3 times a week.
  • Read a book. I love to read. So I try to commit some time each day to read a few pages of my book. And if I can’t I listen to a book through Audible books. Most of my books are dedicated to my spiritual journey and witchy side.
  • Journal. I love to journal and have from a young age. I write something down each day and it can be anything from half a page to 5 pages just depending on what I need to get out of my head. It can ramble and other times be something that is so important to me.

All of the things combined help me to be the best version of myself for my family and myself. Now while not every week goes to plan and sometimes life gets in the way, I am well and truly in tune with my body to know what it needs. And there are certain days where I have to be able to just realize I’m not going to get it all done unless I am awake super early or very late at night. I am ok with that. But the one thing I won’t give up any day and that is my meditation. It is super important to me. And truly helps me stay focused and calm through out the day.  Sometimes I’ll meditate to help me go to sleep and that is sometimes the biggest help YET!

Having a routine that creates happiness and fulfillment for yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It can be doing one thing every single day for yourself or like me have lots of different things you can do each day or throughout the week to help you maintain a sense of sanity.

I challenge you to sit down this week and really focus on trying to work out what are your MUSTS for each day.What are the things that help you to be the best you can. That challenge you. Inspire you.

Then I want you to create space for them. Write them down and commit to setting time a side each day to them. Change it up until you find what suits you. Trust me it will be worth it.


Love & Blessing 





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