Crazy Sexy You…..What the???

What is your first thought when you hear  the words Crazy Sexy You? Do you think oh my god that is silly, never possible, who in the hell came up with that?

Well the answer to that is the wonderful and beautiful  Kris Carr.

Kris is a best-selling author. Health advocate and in my opinion all around miracle worker.

She has been living with cancer for years and instead of letting it get the better of her, she decided to change her lifestyle and do something about it.  If you want to find out more head over HERE to read about it.

I first came across Kris through Hay House world summit. I listen to her talk and it just clicked with me. I was like I want to know more about this woman. I need to know more and find out what this is all about. So I headed to her website, followed her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and jumped online and brought her book Crazy Sexy Diet and her card deck Crazy Sexy Love Notes.

The book actually came and the perfect time as I received it just before we went on holidays so it was the book I read most of while I was relaxing. And within the first couple of pages I was hooked. Never wanted to put it down. I wanted to soak up all the information and then re read it again just because why the hell not.


Now you all might look at the title and go “oh no its another diet book” but nope it not actually far from it. More like a bible for a way to eat healthier, live a cleaner lifestyle and well just be more crazy  sexy.

Kris goes into speaking about what is good for us and the very bad stuff we put in our bodies. She writes the book in a way that is easy to understand and has some charm and cheek about it as well. And if her writing does not get you, just check out the chapter names.My favourite chapter name would be Cupcakes, Coffee & Cocktails. Seriously does that name just not suck you in??

And just to make the book, at the back their is a 21 day cleanse.. NO, not what you think. It is not a diet that is set out in what you must eat and when.  It is a cleanses. Kris does not tell you what you must eat but rather give you handy tips and tricks to get you to embrace you Crazy Sexy Self. What you eat is up to you but she does have a heap of recipes at the back of the book or just go buy one of her other Crazy Sexy cook books because why the hell not!

CRAZY = Bold, out of the box, forward thinking and status quo challenging
SEXY= confident, in touch, whole, passionate and conscious 


Just a sneak peak into the book…. Cant give to much away.


Now just to let  you  know kris is a vegan so non of her recipes have meat or dairy or any animal products in them but this is ok!! Just do what you feel comfortable with and see how you go…

I also have Kris’s Crazy Sexy Love Notes. A 52 card deck.


I adore these. I pull a card every day. They are so colourful and wow just hit the spot every time!






How NICE do they look. 

They have a nice quote on the front and then on the back Kris goes deeper into the meaning of the saying. 

They also have a lovely drawing on the front that is just full of colour. 

I think Kris is amazing  at what she is doing and I honestly recommend to anyone to go check out her website and books. She will teach you so much and help you to improve your lifestyle.

She has become someone I look up to and I really enjoy reading her blog post and seeing all the wonder pictures on Instagram.

She is a true inspiration to all and shows what can happen when you not only change you food intake but your lifestyle and mind set.


If you want to find more information about the wonderful Kris then head to the links below to learn more, connect and enjoy 🙂

Website –

Instagram – crazysexykris

YouTube – Kris Carr

Twitter –  @Kris_Carr

Pinterest – Kris Carr

Facebook – KrisCarr.FanPage

Much Love


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