Cooking up a storm

Today I had a revelation, cooking in all aspects -Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are not my strong suit. I leave it all to last minute and can never work out what to do. The twins lunches are the worst. I never know how to change it up and make it different.

But something clicked with me today. Life would be so much easier if  I planned dinner for the week. Organised my lunch for the week and made snacks for the twins lunch box. It would also save me money on things that the twins waste anyway.

MY first task was I made an old chocolate slice. Which the twins loved the mixture so that’s a good start. I swapped out all the unhealthy ingredients to more healthier options. And I must say it tastes greats. well the mixture I’m still waiting to try the cooked thing. Also my icing turned out fantastic. It wasn’t running like it normally is. THANK GOD.

The before going in the oven!! 

Iced and all ready to eat. 

It turned out really yummy and everyone loved it! Also for dinner I made a chicken stir fry. It was so yummy and I served it with rice. 

This contains stuff I never would eat like capsicum!! I honestly can’t wait to start baking more and trying new things. My new favourite shows to watch are cooking shows to get all new ideas as well as you tube videos.

WISH me luck. 



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