Christmas time again

How is it that a year has already past, I remember writing last years Christmas post. 

This year I have no clue what is happening for Christmas Day, it’s going to be left to the last minute as I have court next week and depending on what happens their will depend on where the twins are for Christmas. Christmas lunch will not be the same if they are not here so I’m preying that they are with me like always for Christmas Day!

But on the brighter side this year I went and brought a few extra Christmas decorations. And I’ll buy more for next year after Christmas ( sales people always go for sales) 

I love my new raindeer! Plus the different tinsel… Small steps to building up my Christmas decorations collecting. 

An and yet to put the light up for the back yard a bit slack I know! I’ll get there..

Our tree is new this year. We had to buy another one after the old one got wrecked. I wanted a white tree for something different but mum didn’t want one. I’m happy with how December has started off hopefully it all goes go. 

The twins have been a bit sick for the last couple of days but lucky it was before Christmas and not on Christmas!! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas. 


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