I have not written a thing on this blog in over two  months.

I have been slowing working on something exciting for July that will hopefully be out just after school starts back, but until then I haven’t done a lot on here. And to be honest I feel a bit stuck. I don’t know what to write about or where to take this space from here. I am just not feeling overly connected to it. 

That may sound weird as I have spent over 3 years building this up but I have never really found the way I want this blog to be. I have started vlogging and that is something I really enjoy and while I enjoy writing I am just unsure of what type of content to put out and what you, the readers would like to hear about. 

But what I have come to realise over the past few months is how much I love to write and connect with people. Mostly I love to connect with people who are just as passionate about their spiritual journey as me, other mums, people who are passionate about their health and anything home related as we are currently building a home. I feel as tho I have placed too much of a barrier around myself with this space as I went from being a “mummy blogger “to only want to blog about my spiritual journey and to be real both are passions of mine and both are things I want to talk about. Which is why I haven’t been connect this space.

I want this spaced filled with everything I love as well as content that is informational to you and might in some way help you.

My dream space is for it to be somewhere that you the reader can come and read about our family adventure, raising kids, spiritual growth and my journey, building our home and living in it, ways to create a grace filled life while still always allowing the mess and fun of it all.

And right now is the time that I need to create that dream space. I need to stop making excuses and start going for it. My dream needs to become my reality. I need to stop living in fear of judgment and just start sharing. Because what I have to share is amazing, my visions are amazing for this space. And I am so lucky that I have some incredible people around me that are their to support and help me.

I feel like I have found that place I am comfortable in and it not going to be just one thing but rather a few.

My pillars for this blog are

  • All things family
  • Raising kids
  • Spiritual – my growth and all things
  • Lifestyle and Home
  • Health and wellness
  • Living with grace

These are my pillars of content I want to share with you all.

And that is why you will have seen a few names changes on my social media and on the header of this blog. The Grace Of Maddie. I created a new name as I felt a discount to the freedom goddess. This space is about me and my journey. It is about our family. It is about the grace of life and how to find that and use that in every moment.

Soon the URL will change too once I am sure I am completely happy and connected to the new name of The Grace Of Maddie which I don’t see it to be a problem as I feel so much more happier and inspired by changing the name.

Making these changes have helped me find the love for this space again. And while I am just about to start uni again I know that finding the time to create and share content is going to be a challenge but I am so ready to meet that challenge head on.

I look forward to the next part of this incredible and amazing journey I am on.

Xo Madz

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