Candles and other bits

I have a love for candles. I love to buy them and then to light them and enjoy the way they make me feel. Kevin thinks I’m just weird as I have too many candle for my bedroom and not enough room for them all but hay they make me feel great.

I recently just started to always have some lit through out the day. Yes it maybe summer and the weather nicer and also sunnier but it still makes me feel something warm inside.

The twins also love to go around and blow them out on me… Cheeky buggers.

This past Thursday the twins and I went out for a walk around the shop. A bad idea.

I found more candles to add to my collection and some cute Christmas ones as well.




How cute are the Christmas candle holders. The bottom candle holder  is a Himalayan  sea salt holder! How freaking cute is that. Is just makes the room feel some much more calmer.

I also got a date show thing. Not sure what you call them but its super cute and now the twins will always know the date and can stop asking me.


I absolutely love the cats that sit on top. Its a nice blue colour as well.

Then I got Izzy a little box to use for when her teeth fall out.


Plus just because they were cute and I just really wanted to get them. I got some stones.


I think they are cute and James got one the same as mine. His little treat for the day.

Then I also picked something up for Christmas. I’m buying little bits now to build up the Christmas decorations.


 How cute is that!

I think I did good. I got some cute things and basically everything as on special so thats also a huge win. Walking around the shops is always a bad idea for me. I don’t do it often so when I do I normally always find something I love and want to buy.

I love home decor and I cant wait to have my own house to do up.

Much love


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