Buying The Oils


Ready to experience the power these oils have to offer?

Well then lets get to it.

First off, when your order the oils, I’ll be there to provide resources and ongoing support so you know exactly how to use your oils. I’ll also be able to guide you on how to use the oils so you get the best out of them for your family, health and home.

When you receive your fir oil order you’ll receive;

  • A Welcome booklet with information about your oils, doTERRA’s approach and how to access your wholesale account in the future (if you choose to open a wholesale account).
  • Access to a private Facebook group with a community of oil lovers that share ways they use their doTERRA oils.
  • Support from me! We can get on the phone and discuss your essential oil needs or you can flick me an email any time.

How to order-

If you want to chat first then please contact me so I can arrange a time to talk and discuss your oily needs. But if your ready to get on with it then you can simply order your oils by following the process below-

Below there are a couple of options for you to choose from:

OPTION 1: Buy any products at retail prices from our online store

OPTION 2: Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and get access to unlimited oils at wholesale prices (25% off) for an entire year

Choose any oils, blends, or consumables you like and create your custom order. No minimum order required.

OPTION 3: Purchase an enrolment kit, get an even bigger discount (Over $250 discount on the Home Essentials Kit) and your $35 membership fee is waived. Purchasing a kit is without a doubt the most valuable way to get started.


I have detailed how to order below and if you get stuck then please contact me:

>> Enter the online shop: MADDIE
>> Select “join and save”
>> Choose your language and country
>> Select ‘local’
>> Select ‘wholesale’ to access 25% off retail
>> Enter your personal information.
*At enroller ID, enter our number: Maddie : 4634972
>> Set up a password
>> Select the kit you would like, or the $35.00 Wellness Advocate Enrolment
>> Enter your payment details and away you go!


And once you all signed up i’ll add you into the facebook group!

I’ll keep in touch with you so that if any question pop up I can answer them for you.