Busy Mummy Weekend Ahead

This weekend I am volunteering at the Melbourne Equitana . It is a 4 day event the involves a lot of horses whoo!!!! This is my horse fix for the year. I go to this event every time it is in Melbourne and this time I decided to volunteer at it and I was accepted!

It will be so hard being away from the kids for so long but I will get to see them a bit in between. My wonderful mum is going to be looking after them. And also my partner.

This will be one of those things that will be a once in a life time experience because I don’t know where I’ll be at in 2 years to know if I’ll be able to do this again. I’m so blessed to be able to still do these types of things. I’m lucky I have an amazing mum who is will to baby sit my twins and also have a helping hand from my partner.

I’ll be trying to blog once a day to keep you updated on what it’s like and how I am coping being away from my kids. I think I will struggle! I’m sure I’ll be uploading heaps of photos to Instagram tho!


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