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Ive been planing a lot of this blog and one thing I would to start doing is a book club of such. So seeing as Im late with this post as we are at the 9th of November im going  I’m going to start at the 10th of  each month! 
This is how I plan its going to work.
On the 1st of the month Ill put up a post on the book for the upcoming month that I plan on reading.
Then on the 10th of the month Ill write my thoughts of the book I’ve  just read. And share any ideas or such that I have on it.
Then i’ll read the new book for a month and start the process all over.
If anyone would like to join me please do :).
This months book is Rebecca Campbell – Rise Sister Rise.
It is her newest book out. She also has a book called light is the new black. Which I loved and that is what drew me reading her new book. I had actually pre ordered it! 
Rebecca is Sydney born now living in London. She is a world renowned author and speaker.
Head to her website to find out more
I absolutely loved her book Light is the new black so I cant wait to get into this book and see what she has in store of me.



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