Birthday Celebrations

This coming Thursday is my birthday!! Whoo turning 24! The celebrations started this past Sunday, out for dinner in  Melbourne with my sister, Nate, Kev and Dj.

We went to the woolshed pub on the docklands. The food wasn’t too bad although from the ones who had streak it was a bit over cooked! But still a good feed 😀


We went to crown afterwards and played at Timezone! Has some delicious ice cream and watched my sister have a quick go in crown and the black jack table ( she was on fire). Haven’t done that in years. Late night for us (home at 1:30am) and something I’m  not  use to! But was so good to get out and feel like a 24 year old and not have the mum part attached to me.
Was so nice to spend time with my man and my sister and some awesome friends! Nothing will ever beat that.

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