Bed yet?

Thursday the day before Friday, should be getting excited because I’ll have the weekend free haha someone playing a joke on me. Being a mum is a 7 day a week 24 hours a day job. I don’t get weekend or holidays. For me it mean another day of routine and planning what we will eat and do for the day. The only good thing about the weekend is my partner will be around to help and so will my mum. I will have an actual adult to talk to instead of talking to my lovely children and dogs. My brain won’t go into kiddie mode as much.
Thursday’s are normally a gym day for us. I am lucky that in my small country town I have a ymca with a day care for kids in the morning. But unfortunately this morning I had to miss my only hour and half of my time today because I’m run down. Stress will do that too you. (I deal with the stress of my kids having a unfit dad but the courts do not care) I have court next week so my brain is in over drive. Today have been a bit horrible as much as my kids are cheeky and cute they also know when I’m not feel 100% and try to muck up more ( not cool guys) so instead of a nice relaxing day it turned into a day of defusing arguments and dealing with children who don’t want to listen more so then normal.
I am currently reading a book call No-Drama discipline hoping to get a few help hints out of it. Might make life that little bit easier. I’m not one for reading parenting books and that sort of stuff I kind of just do some research online and away I go. So this is something different to me.
Including this site haha I didn’t forget. Basically this site I have being wanting to make for a while but well I just didn’t know how to start or even if I would be able to blog as much as I would like but I thought stuff it I’ll do it and see how I go.Hopefully won’t be too hard and you readers will like it.
I’ll be posting anything for my daily life to fashion, fitness and health and parenting tips I find that work for me.
Currently I am a Tone It Up member and love it 100%. If your a female and you haven’t heard of them and want to get healthy and fit go to highly recommend it. Best thing I ever did. I also go to my local gym.
I am also studying DR Demartin who is an amazing life coach and find his way of looking at this to be a big help to me and my life.
Look him up people it will change your life. I was fortunate enough that my mum shouted me to his breakthrough experience. It’s not cheap but so worth it!
Fashion is something I have never 100% been into but as I am getting older I am finding it something I love and want to know about.
Anyway I have to run kids are saying its dinner time. šŸ™‚

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