Becoming a working mum

Since the twins where born i have always stayed home to look after them by choice and because child care is just too expensive. But before christmas I decided to apply for a job of a night time to help me out with some more money and also to have some adult interaction. And its great. But i think the kids are having difficulties adjusting to me not always been their to but them to sleep. So they have been coming into my bed of a night time, which has been really hard. They use to do this when they where younger but haven’t done it in ages. Im at a loss of what to do I’m so tired so i can’t wake up enough to stay awake and deal with it and put them back into there own beds.

I guess i have to find the energy from somewhere and hit this on the head so it doesn’t turn into a huge problem.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciative!!!


p.s sorry this is a short post very tired and its time for this mum to go to sleep.

p.p.s We are going to the beach tomorrow so i will have lots of great photos to but up.

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