Back from the…..

Why hello,

Sorry i have been away for so long. Been so busy with the kids and going the the Australian open as well and camping and working.

Wow just writing that made me feel tired again.

I have so many photos to share but I have miss placed my camera cord, šŸ™ it will turn up soon always does šŸ™‚

The tennis was amazing, i haven’t been in over 5 year i think or just on Ā 5. And i am so glad that i got to go and to be back there was an amazing feeling. I love the tennis. It has also been greta to be able to snuggle up at night and watch the tennis on TV as well.

Then we went on our first camping trip. It went amazing (using that word a lot) but it really did. I was so worried about how the kids would cope with no tv or down time really and how they would sleep and god to bed and stuff but it worked out great. they only woke up at 5:30 one morning and the other 2 mornings they had great sleep in, They went to be around 9:30 and straight to sleep. I am so excited to be able to take them on more now. And already have the next one set. A weekend away toward the end of Feb. I am so excited.

Work has slowed down which is bad but also good because it means more nights with the twins and more time to focus on the blog and other things.

Any way i am tired again, been a busy busy day. The twins are also very tired, izzy awoke at about 9:20 because i had to wake her to go out, an then they went to bed at 7:45 and straight to sleep. Well James anyway. I love when that happens.

I also very excited because our new shed is nearly done and I found out the renovations start in 2 weeks.

More to come soon

Check out my Instagram for some photos of our camping trip, least till i find my cord.


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