Just typing the word August makes me cringe.

Where has the year gone???

Why are we over half way through already??

The twins need to stop growing!!

This month is a big month for us…. And yes its taken till the second week of august for this post to go live but hay life happens.

This month the big and most important thing that is happening is the twins are having their first school orientation. WOW. They are starting school next year.

How has this happened so fast.

Also this month I’m start the 6 week Self Transformation course by Ange from The Gratitude Project. So I’m very much looking forward to that.

Im also excited to get back into Sunday Meal Prep. Its been put on the back burn while I was sick and then just deal with some emotions, which I swear was all to do with the new moon. But hey that is life…

This month I also have some major assessment due for my studies so thats going to need a lot of planning and time management. Two things Im not the best at but we will see.

This blog is my baby and I absolutely love writing here, and over the last month its kinda gone backwards so Im determined  to change that. I know I keep saying this but sometimes I allow everyone else issues to effect me and then I put this blog on the back burner. And I don’t want to do that anymore. Im tired of worry about what others will think about this blog. Im tired of hiding it from people. I enjoy it so much and thats not going to change. So from this point forward Im going to stick to the commit of this blog and if I don’t, Im relying on you people to keep me accountable.

At this moment Im super hungry and going to find a nice snack for me too cook I think.

Happy August everyone.



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