How are we in April already!! Its the first day of the month and its sunny but windy, thankfully warm. I however can’t wait for the colder weather. I love being able to rug up, wear jumpers and snuggle under blankets. There is nothing better in my mind. However I know the down fall will be the twins having to be confined to the house or covered in mud! They love being outside on the trampoline and running around so winter is always a challenge.


This month I’ve written myself some goals. Most of them might be the same ones I wrote down at the start of the year but due to just being so full on with life I haven’t followed through with them.

Meditate once a day

Read some of my books every day

Yoga or some form of exercises

Study more and put more time into it

Drink more water

Eat less chocolate

While this doesn’t seem like much but to me it’s the things that will help me stay balanced. Things that will I hope make my day to day life a bit less stressful.

April is filled with sad memories as well. My dads birthday is on the 5th and then the anniversary of his death on the 16th. It’s always a hard month for me. But this year I’m determined to not let it effect me like it has in the past. I’m choosing to let it go.

Im choosing love over the fear of this and choosing to remember only the happy times wth my dad.

This month is also going to be the second week of the school holidays. Next week, we have some play dates lined up. Thankfully they have gotten over their birthday and easter, they where so tired after it all its taken a hole week for them to be back to their full selfs. We have had a very grumpy house hold and i’m so glad its over! I can’t believe how much stuff they received. I’ve had to make so much room for all their new toys. Izzy I think has used every single piece of art and crafts that she received. She has been so busy colouring and painting every day! She is one artsy kids. She loves just drawing and making things up on paper. She has also loved her new bike! James on the other hand has been playing with all his monster trucks and lego he got! They at least can share their toys with each other.

God I love watching them play and get alone with each other, it makes life so much better then hearing the fights from them over little things. But a brother and a sister will fight.

Although I’m hoping James attitude will change soon. He can just be so rude towards me over nothing, he yells and screams. Is it a boy thing? Im hoping he will grow out of it. He just gets so angry and upset over nothing. I hoping that’s gets better with age! 

Well as this post makes it way on to the blog it will be the 3rd of April. Got a bit side tracked with the twins and study! It’s now also gone back to normal time instead of day light saving. Had to move the clock back an hour. I’m hoping this might make things easier on the twins with bed time! Plus my mum came home with her new car! So we all got a bit excited! 

We are in desperate need of fine tuning our morning routine. We all sleep a bit too late! 


izzy in my mums new car

I hope your April wil bring you happiness and love! 


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