I’m going on an journey . Im trying something new and different and putting myself way out there.

Im aligned the things I love and decided to put it into action rather then just sitting around doing nothing. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of letting other people run the show. Of not using my voice. Of sitting by and just watching and thinking about taking action rather then actually taking action. Im tired of the way my body feels, how my energy effects that of my children. If i’m low on energy and can’t be bothered to do anything then why will they be bothered to get up and move, to clean up their toys , to play outside. I’m tired of feeling low by the end of the day.

By not lighting myself up I’m draining myself of energy.

I’m tired of hiding that voice inside that is screaming to just come out and really be my true self to those around me.

I’m tired of the feeling of being judged for being me and not just accepting myself.

It hard tho, stepping outside the box. Believing in yourself so much that not even the people that second guess you won’t matter. That the haters that will say negative thing about you, you’ll be able to just nod and say WATCH ME.

I’m tired of standing in the shadows and watching the world go by.

So I have  decided to change all that.

I’ve decided to rise up and share my voice with the amazing humans that surround me.

I’ve decided to stop hiding and letting others do the talking for me.

I’ve decided to take ACTION.

I’ve decided to put in place a plan to help take me there. To help show my kids that you can over come the tough times and shine. That it is truly ok to be you and to not care about what others think.

So all that being said….. Let me really begin.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for about 4 years now. At first it was another way of looking at things, learn  to cope with the stress I was going through and see the lessons from it all plus just enjoy it.  But then it turned into more.

For the past 2 years I’ve gotten way more into it. And believe in a lot more than I originally thought I ever could. I started connecting with other like minded people on the internet and taking better care of myself.

Over the part year I started to incorporate yoga into my daily life ( something that can be a really struggle). Meditation entered my life a lot harder and more often and lots of books.

I’ve signed up to monthly self care groups, Mastering you mean girl mentoring, truly Julie, love bomb and Rise Sister Rise to help me connect within myself. IF you really want to learn about your self then go check them out.

I’ve also done coaching with Ange from The Gratitude Project She is amazing. And there is no words to describe the help and support she gives you.

All of this has helped me become who I am truly inside me. I’ve also just recently accept that fact that I have very good intuition and fully believe in MAGIC. I love a good ritual and tarot reading. I believe in the power of crystals  and the power of positive  thinking  as well as manifestation.

Gala Darling actually wrote a great post on  how to allow Magic into your life everyday which can be found here .

I’ve also recently started a new Instagram for my health and fitness as well as my spiritual journey just search @theyogimum

Which has been super good to be able to put any and all photos of health there rather then on my normal Instagram.

The BIGGEST thing I have done is start an online part time business. It’s all to do with a healthy lifestyle and looking after your body. It is a community as well. I absolutely love it. I feel like I have so much energy and momentum with life at the moment. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to work from home, especially around kids and study like I am.  I also get to work with great like-minded people. Which is just the best. Doing something that drives you and being able to be surround by some amazing humans that is what  makes me a better human really helps.   I really enjoy it. And while its only new and I’m still learning the ropes Im super excited to give it my all. I am actually launching online on Sunday the 7th. Which is just really cool but also so bloody scary. Im not very good at having all the attention on me let alone putting myself out there and inviting people to it, which is why I think I decided to write this post the day before.

Having the guts to do this is huge for me. Puting myself out there and doing something I’ve never done is scary. But at the same time I’m so excited for it.

This journey has been in the works for a while. I’ve felt it coming but I have been ignoring it and not really paying much attention to that little voice inside me so  now is  really time to RISE.

I also hope you guys will be along for this journey.

Now all this being said this blog is my baby. But there might a few changes. Different kinds of post on the blog. My main Instagram  feed might be a bit different. BUT still the main focus is going to always be the twins and parenting but I now really want to incorporate my spirituality and share  my voice.

I want to show you guys how I’m going with it all and not just the fun stuff with the kids but the hard stuff that goes along wiht parenting. This is something that is really important to me and I hope you guys enjoy it. Ive let things go but now I’m determent to step back into blogging more and getting back into the few series I have started.

If anyone wants to join me for my launch then please contact me through Facebook or Instagram.

As always thanks for reading.

Loads of love 








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