6 things I am loving in Novemeber

The days get longer and the sun shines more. November is a fabulous time of year, for many reasons.

The twins get to play for so much longer outside in the wonderful sunshine, the walks with the puppy get so much better because I don’t have to wear 4 layers or get caught in the rain although the flies come out which is not fun. And my birthday falls the start of November.

Summer is nearly here!!

As I am writing this it is a nice 28 degrees outside. I have had to put the air con on for a bit to cool the place down so I don’t melt. I am also currently looking at all my Christmas decorations (yes I am one of those people who put their decorations up early, what can I say I love love Christmas) it is a fantastic day. Among the things, I am loving this month are,

1/ Planning for Christmas

I am one of those people who try and sort Christmas out early. I hate doing it last minute and not knowing what to get. Thankfully I have everyone but the twins and Kev covered. Well, I have some stuff for the twins but still got to work gifts out for them. They are at the age where they don’t need toys but don’t need much else either. I also have a fantastic little planner for all my Christmas organising from Kikki.K, I would be lost without it.

2/ The sunshine

Who doesn’t love the sunshine? I get to enjoy it so much working and studying from home. It one of those added benefits to being a blogger and uni student. As much as I love winter and being able to have a cozy night on the couch watching movies I enjoy going to the beach and having a water fight with the twins plus just being able to get out in nature without freezing my bum off. Th sun is just such a different level of magic. It makes everyone happier and outgoing, don’t ask me how it just does, trust me I have seen it happen. Plus there is just so much more you can do, it also great that it doesn’t get dark until 8:30-9pm which means there is more time to get crap done and have fun.

3/ Vlogging more

Recently I have started to vlog a lot more and I really love it. Although I am still finding my feet with both blogging and vlogging they both are something that I am passionate about and having more adventure over the coming months will mean more time to vlog and practices. I really enjoy watching and learning from others too. Some of my favourites are

There are a few more but these are the ones I try to stay up to date with plus they give me loads of goals I want to reach for next year!

4/ Fitness and Yoga 

My drive for yoga has gotten so much more intense of the past few months. I feel such a lack of energy if I don’t do it for a day. I do however listen to my body. If I am really sore and tired Ill have a day off but I hate taking the day off. My fitness this month has also taken a new drive. I love the new Studio Tone It App where I can plan my work out for each day and have it right there on my phone. I feel so much better about my self if I workout so I am really excited to come into the holiday season fit and healthy.

5/ Will and Grace

I just had to add this one in. I love Will and Grace (tv show, if you didn’t know) thankfully they have started to make a new season of it a few years from where we last left will and grace and I am completely hooked. I have rewatched every season twice (don’t hate me for it) I have it on in the background while I am cleaning, cooking or doing stuff around the house. I am super sad that currently, it won’t be back until December enter sad crying face. But truly I love when they bring back such a loved TV show. It currently showing on STAN in Australia. And it is everything and more then it was originally.

6/ Bring back this blog

The best part of this month tho is recommitting to this blog. This has to be one of the best things I have ever done. I love this space of mine and I love being able to create, write and share with everyone. It was also the best thing to take time away from it. I have never really been able to find my voice for this blog and I have felt like I am still hiding a bit but NO MORE, it’s my turn to rise. I am so excited and have a few interviews lined up for next year which I am looking forward to and I have really gotten into creating and building my health business and also trying to bring my oils to life. All of this takes time tho and this space is the best place for that. My blog is going to grow and expand with me and I love that.


There you have it. A few things I am currently loving this month. I am so looking forward to the last weeks of this year. November has been so good for me and I am so excited to see how the end of the month ends for me as I have one big event on that I am praying will be finished and just the perfect end to the month but we will see.



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